Prices and Downloads

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PolSelec 3.3 (Material selection/preselection for plastics)
free download Download PolSelec (V3.3.0.9)
License (unlimited time) 480,00 €
License (unlimited time) 720,00 €
annual license 240,00 €/Year
annual license 380,00 €/Year
PolTolerances 3.4 (ISO 20457 / DIN 16742 - tolerances for plastic moulded parts)
free download Download PolTolerances (V3.4.2.1)
Download sample data (CSV-Import)
License (unlimited time) 280,00 €
License (unlimited time) 520,00 €
annual license 170,00 €/Year
annual license 280,00 €/Year
PolCycleTime 3.1 (Cooling and cycle time calculation for injection moulding of thermoplastics)
free download Download PolCycleTime (V3.1.0.5)
License (unlimited time) 580,00 €
License (unlimited time) 820,00 €
annual license 280,00 €/Year
annual license 400,00 €/Year