Software products

All our software products and all software updates have been or will be "code"-certified since April 2015. The certificate states, among other things, that the software was not manipulated by third parties on its way from the publisher (Makrolar GbR Berlin) to you.

Comodo - Code Signing Certificate

Plastics material selection / preselection

The material selection system for plastics. The plastics database contains approx. 1000 materials or basic material types, that have been assigned to all selection criteria without gaps. New features include selection based on application requirements and support for by choice aids (climate maps etc.). Material characteristics/information of approx. 7000 commercial products.

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Tolerances for plastic moulded parts according to ISO 20457 / DIN 16742

The "old" DIN 16901 was replaced by the successor standard DIN 16742 / ISO 20457. Our software PolTolerances conforms to this new standard and supports the direct tolerance of linear dimensions including general tolerances, the direct position tolerance with cylindrical tolerance zones and tolerances for profile shape deviations ...

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Cooling and cycle time calculation

Cooling time, filling time and cycle time calculation for the injection moulding of thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers. Significantly less effort compared to FEM software systems with equivalent accuracy/reliability. Application for e.g. machine pre-adjustment, preliminary costing, production flow planning, thermal balances, specification data for process simulation...

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