About us...

Makrolar GbR, Berlin was founded in 2010.

We currently mainly develop and distribute specific software for the sector plastic engineering. Furthermore we offer software for on your behalf.

Since 2014 we also offer training courses, consulting and expert opinions in the sector of plastics technology.

The shareholders Prof. Bernd-Rüdiger Meyer and Dipl.-Ing. Frank Neumann have many years of experience in the sectors of Plastics Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Software Development.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the journal Kunststoffe (1960) Dr. Ottmar Leuchs published a coherent and far-sighted proposal on the terminology of high-polymeric Materials.

It beats Makrolar as a generic term for all macromolecular materials. Unfortunately, this proposal not or only in a few parts accepted by contemporaries of all kinds.

The naming of our company as Makrolar GbR is also a subsequent evaluation of Dr. Leuchs proposal including of his previous publications (Kunststoffe 1955; 1958) on this problem.